Tips On Troubleshooting Trailer Break Assemblies Arlington TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


Keeping the brakes on a trailer in good working order is essential. If the problem is significant enough, it can result in a complete loss of braking power. If the owner of the trailer is experiencing any kind of issue, it is in their best interest to know how to troubleshoot Trailer Break Assemblies Arlington TX. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Step One

The trailer should be hitched to a vehicle, one that is capable of towing, to fully engage the brakes. While inside the vehicle, the actual brake controller should be in view. It is recommended to keep the owner’s manual in the cab of the vehicle in case it is necessary to reference it.

Step Two

As part of the Trailer Break Assemblies Arlington TX, the brake controller needs to be positioned at a very specific angle. This is where the owner’s manual comes into play. Refer to the manual to find the exact desired angle and make sure the controller is in the right position. These controllers are very easy to manually adjust.

Step Three

Most modern controllers now come with digital or LED front displays. These screens will display an error code. The error code may be referenced in the owner’s manual, and it should also provide troubleshooting instructions to perform DIY adjustments as necessary. If the work needed seems to be beyond the scope of the owner of the trailer, a professional company such as C & S Trailers can certainly perform the needed work.

Step Four

If it is determined the brake controller is not receiving power, check the terminals on the vehicle’s battery. The black wire needs to be securely attached to the positive terminal while the white wire needs to be securely attached to the negative terminal. It also helps to check for issues with the wiring between the controller and the connector.

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