3 Reasons To Addend The Chicago Small Business Expo This Year

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Mar, 2015


If you are in the Chicago area planning to take in the Chicago Small Business Expo this year should be a priority for every startup company, small business and entrepreneur.

Not only does the Chicago Small Business Expo provide a wide range of different opportunities for networking and getting to know other business owners in the area, but it also provides incredible marketing opportunities. There are many different reasons to make this a priority to attend, but focusing in on three will bring the importance of this opportunity into clear perspective.

Uniquely Designed for Small Businesses

There are a lot of trade shows held in the Chicago area every year. However, when it comes to catering to the needs of small businesses, business to business products and services, and marketing of new products by entrepreneurs and startups this is the best option.

Small businesses have different challenges and different realities than large national or international companies. They also tend to be local businesses with specific local concerns, which is why attending the Chicago Small Business Expo gives you relevant information and insight.

Free Educational Opportunities

Another top reason to attend this year’s Chicago Small Business Expo is the opportunities for education in different areas of small business management. This ranges from marketing to sales, effective use of social media, the use of analytics in business decision making, building relationships with customers and B2B clients and legal aspects of business management.

These workshops alone are reason enough to attend the expo as they pack a lot of important information into short one hour sessions uniquely selected and tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Direct Marketing to Buyers

In the exhibitor booth area of the Chicago Small Business Expo there is the very real opportunity to market directly to other small businesses. It also puts you in direct contact with those in the market to buy the products and services you are offering.

The audience visiting the booth is already interested in what you are promoting. This type of face-to-face discussion, interaction, and networking only helps to build your customer base. Shaking hands, making connections and even establishing the groundwork for future discussions about your products are just a few of the benefits any interaction has the possibility to create.

If there is one event you plan to attend this year as a small business owner make it the Chicago Small Business Expo. You won’t regret the decision and will walk away inspired, motivated and more informed about how to make your business a success.

This year’s Chicago Small Business Expo presented by Small Business Expo promises to be the best B2B show in Illinois this year. To learn more about the event visit us online at http://www.thesmallbusinessexpo.com/chicago/.

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