3 Reasons to Call Animal Control in Reynoldsburg if You have Skunks on Your Property

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Dec, 2014


Skunks are gentle, peace-loving creatures who will aid in eating insects and other pests on your property. However, they are not animals that you want to welcome on your property. Although skunks do not usually attack unless bothered, they can be slightly dangerous. Here are three reasons that you should call Animal control in Reynoldsburg for Skunk removal.

They are Pests

Skunks are considered pests because they can be a nuisance to the property owner. They tend to live under porches or under dwellings. The problem is when they start spraying on the property or they spray a family animal. The spray can actually hurt the animal’s eyesight, as well as stinking up the whole house for days. Skunks are also known for veracious digging on the property, which can really aggravate some homeowners. These gentle creatures are usually harmless but put up quite a bother.

There are No Repellants

There are no known repellants for skunks, so you’re best option to get rid of them is to call Animal control in Reynoldsburg. There are a few natural deterrents on the market, but none of them are foolproof. There is not a particular way to make your property unappealing once they have settled in. Removal is the best option before they reproduce over and over again.

They Can Safely Remove Them

Animal control professionals in Reynoldsburg knows how to remove the skunks safely without harming them and without having the skunks spray all over your property. You don’t want to try removing them yourself, especially because they can also carry diseases like rabies. You can also risk your dog getting an infection or getting sprayed. Just call up your animal control and get the situation taken care of easily with no worries.

You see skunks on cartoons and even as pets on many videos online. However, the ones running around your property are not the same. Going to animal control may seem a little daunting, but they are trained to contain these wild animals and move them to a secure place. That way, you also avoid getting sprayed and your get rid of a pest that can wreak havoc on your property.

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