Do You Need a Permit to Remove Wildlife from Your Property?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


As a property owner or a tenant, when wildlife invades your property, leave droppings and cause damage, it is a natural instinct to quickly find out how you can have the animals removed from your property as soon as possible. Your local animal control in Fairfax, VA will be able to answer all your questions and they will be able to explain whether you require a permit to have the wildlife removed.

Need Advice About Disposal and Trapping Wildlife?

Should the wildlife have only recently occupied a new lifestyle within your property, you may have decided to trap the animals and dispose of them immediately. The law requires you to dispose of wildlife humanely and it is for this reason that you should employ professional animal control in Fairfax, VA.

They will ensure that the animals are removed carefully from your property and relocated to a proper home, where possible. Should the animals be required to be euthanized, they will make sure that this is carried out compassionately.

You can clean up the areas where the wildlife has caused damage to your property, but when you understand that breathing the air or touching wildlife feces and urine can cause dangerous health issues to your family, it is essential that you use expert animal control in Fairfax, VA to clear your property and yard efficiently and effectively.

The control experts will have years of experience of dealing with the various wildlife and birds that may have found a new home within your property. They will understand immediately which laws need to be adhered to and can complete any permits that are required.

Some of these companies also provide advice and assistance and often completion of restoration work so that your property can be returned to its previous condition, before the wildlife began chewing wires, damaging insulation and leaving dreadful smells throughout your property.

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