3 Reasons to Hire a Basement Waterproofing Service in Cambridge, MA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Basements are often considered bonus features by Cambridge house hunters and may even be selling points. That is especially true for those who plan to utilize every inch of their homes. Although some residential basements are originally too damp to use, property owners often solve the problem by having the basement level expertly waterproofed. When clients hire a waterproofing service in Cambridge MA, specialists find and fix leaks, provide solutions that keep spaces dry and even strengthen home foundations.

Waterproofing Strengthens Home Foundations

A home foundation supports the entire home. That means it must remain strong at all times to prevent sagging that leads to cracks and doors that won’t close. When clients with damp basements hire a Waterproofing Service in Cambridge MA, experts search for foundation cracks. They often fill cracks with flexible resins that seal them against water and also strengthen concrete. The result is a stronger, dryer foundation.

Basements Become Livable Spaces After Waterproofing

Customers often hire waterproofing contractors to get damp basements ready for remodels. Professional waterproofing businesses use a variety of methods that are so effective they can transform damp, unusable storage areas into clean, dry spaces. In some cases, they install moisture control systems to control humidity. Contractors find the sources of leaks, including those coming from windows and poor exterior drainage. They may add drainage systems and install sump pumps. Professionals also invite clients to “Browse our website” and learn more about wall wraps that dry basements by creating a moisture and vapor barrier.

Dry Basements Are Healthier and More Sound

Homeowners also schedule professional basement waterproofing to eliminate many health concerns related to dampness. For example, mold will begin to thrive within a day or two after moisture seeps into a space. All the fungi needs is water, warmth, and a food source. Since it will consume anything, mold can destroy most stored items as well as building materials. Mold has also been associated with health problems like asthma, skin irritations, headaches and coughs. Fortunately, professional waterproofing eliminates these issues and prevents them from recurring.

Professional basement waterproofing can eliminate a range of health problems and transform damp spaces into usable areas. Waterproofing also protects home foundations and building materials.

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