Experts in Veterinary Medicine in Biloxi, MS Treat Emergencies Every Day

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Veterinary medicine has made a number of major advances in the past decades. With new technology, equipment, and procedures being studied all the time, the care that our pets receive has gotten better, allowing animals to live longer, healthier lives. Medical intervention is necessary in many cases for all kinds of pets, and it is important that the veterinarian you choose for your pet can diagnose and treat emergencies quickly and efficiently.


One of the most common reasons that your pet will need immediate care by an expert in veterinary medicine is if they are experiencing bleeding that won’t stop. It doesn’t matter if this bleeding is coming from the nose, rectum, or mouth, an animal that won’t stop bleeding is in distress and needs help as soon as possible.


Practitioners of veterinary medicine in Biloxi, MS can often save your pet if it has been poisoned, but only if you act quickly and get them the care that they need. Chocolate, rodent poison, and antifreeze are all common poisonous items that animals ingest, and all of them need immediate care. While most poisoning cases are accidental, sometimes a vindictive neighbor or troublemaker in your neighborhood may poison your animal on purpose. Any strange behavior needs to be reported to a veterinarian immediately.

Broken Bones

If an animal falls from a great height or is hit by a vehicle, they will likely suffer from broken bones. These are incredibly painful and your pet will need medical treatment quickly to set the bone and reduce the amount of pain that they are in. The Pet Clinic employs experts who are adept assessing the damage and helping pets feel better quickly.

Don’t hesitate to call your pet’s vet if you think that something is wrong with them. It’s best to take them in for a check-up than to wait at home and have them not get any better. A knowledgeable staff member will be able to give you advice over the phone on what actions you should take for your pet.

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