3 Signs You’ve Got Bad Tires

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2018


A busy life and demanding work schedule probably aren’t giving you much time to check your tires. But bad tires can leave you stranded out on the road. Read on to know common signs of trouble to watch out for.


Your tires are exposed to the elements every time you drive. Rubber, while durable, will break down over time. If you start seeing cracks in the sidewall or in between the tread blocks, that’s a sign that you need to have your tires replaced, Consumer Reports says. If you catch the signs early on, though, you could make do with repairs. Find out what solution is best for you by bringing your car to an auto shop for vehicle tire repair in Centerville OH.


This is often the result of your tire coming into contact with a pothole or curb. It’s also a possible result of manufacturer defects but this is a less common occurrence. The bulge happens when air gets between the inner liner of the tire and the outer material. If you see this, make sure to bring your car to a service center for vehicle tire repair in Centerville OH right away. Otherwise, it could lead to ruptures or serious damage that could put your life at risk on the road.


This may indicate balance problems with your tires and could be caused by faulty suspensions or uneven tires. Uneven tire wear is the result of improper inflation. Misaligned wheels or damaged tires could also be a problem. Whatever the case, if the ride is too bouncy, then get your car over to an auto shop to determine whether you need a replacement or repairs.

Find the right auto shop for your needs. Check out reputable repair service centers in your area for help.

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