Three Signs That Indicate The Need For Septic Tank Cleaning In Stockbridge, GA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Businesses and homes located in an area that is not serviced by a municipal sewer system must install a septic tank to ensure any waste is correctly disposed of and doesn’t contaminate the ground or any nearby water sources. The science behind a septic tank is relatively simple, but there are times when issues may arise that warrant Septic Tank Cleaning in Stockbridge GA. If a property owner notices any of the following problems, they should contact a professional right away to prevent further issues.

Follow Your Nose

One of the benefits of a septic tank is that it doesn’t produce an odor when it is used. If a person notices a strong sewage smell coming from their main holding tank or the underground drainage channels, it is likely one of the first signs that a significant issue is nigh. Ignoring this common symptom may make the repair process more expensive and cause a property owner to violate local pollution laws.

Pools of Sewage

Any large debris that enters a septic tank will sink to the bottom, while liquids will make up the next layer, followed by oils and fats, which will remain on the surface of the sewage. As the debris is decomposed by bacteria and the water exits the tank through the channel drainage system, it will keep the tank at a level that allows it to remain usable. If a tank becomes too full, it may lead to the formation of pools on the surface of the ground, and they are not only unsightly but pose a serious health threat.

Indoor Backups

The various drains in a home should remain clear and allow water to pass through quickly. If they begin to drain slowly or if a homeowner notices a backup of sewage material in their house, it is likely a sign of a full holding tank. A company that provides Septic Tank Cleaning in Stockbridge GA will pump out the excess moisture and restore operation in as little as a few hours.

Failing to address issues related to a septic tank may have disastrous results in the future. MTG Services has more than 50 years of experience installing and repairing residential and commercial septic systems. Contact them at the first sign of trouble and avoid serious problems in the future.

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