4 Factors that Impact Your Moving Day Rates

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Feb, 2019


Planning a relocation isn’t easy. Moving day expenses can cost you a nice chunk of change. You may also get billed with extra costs. That gives you all the more reason to set you a budget. Before you do, here are several things you need to factor in.

Stairs and elevators

If the movers need to navigate stairs and elevators, then expect that you’ll be paying a bit more, the Consumer Affairs says. Figure out how much those charges will be. This should be one of the first things you’ll discuss when you hire long-distance movers in Simi Valley CA.

Long carry charges

If the nearest door of your house is a bit of distance away from the curb or where the moving van is parked, then expect to be billed long carry fees as well. Some movers often specify the maximum distance that they will carry items before these charges will apply, though. You’ll want to make sure you’re clear on that before you hire a crew of long-distance movers in Simi Valley CA.

Packing assistance

Most moving firms offer packing assistance. And while this may set you back by a premium, it’s often well worth it. Imagine moving day. Remember that you’re not just transferring your belongings, you need to get them on the road and to your new home too. That’s going to take the better part of the day. Having experts pack for you can shave hours off the work you’ll need to do.

Oversized items

If you have oversized items or furniture, then you’ll probably get billed extra by the moving firm. Not many have the resources, team or tools to handle these items, though. You’ll need to be upfront about whether you have an oversized couch or piano so you can work out which companies can meet your needs.

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