Pup Joints: Types And Applications

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Feb, 2019


The world of pipes and piping is replete with a variety of fixtures, joints, couplings, and other fittings. For each project, a company must ensure the right type of connective devices are in place. In certain instances, this may involve installing pup joints. In Texas, as in other states across America, understanding the specific role this type of piping plays is imperative in ensuring the safe and successful transferal of different materials.

What Is a Pup Joint?

A pup joint is a piece of drill pipe or tubing. It is available in standard, irregular and non-standard lengths. Custom lengths are available although the most common standard sizes are 5′, 10′, 15′ and 20′. The distinguishing characteristic is not their nature or material, but the type of piping they work in conjunction with. As a result, manufacturers also offer them in any of several types including:

  1. Casing Pup Joint
  2. Crossover Pup Joint
  3. Drill Pipe Pup Joint
  4. Tubing Pup Joint

Each addresses a specific demand in the oil patch. Temporary situations may require prefabricated sets of these joints. In fact, many Texas companies prefer to purchase customized or prefabricated joints in sets to ensure flexibility.


Pup joints are for on-site use. They are found in oil fields where drilling is in progress. They are an addition to the pipe string of a well to make sure it is possible to adjust the string’s length to meet the exact specifications. The prefabricated variety is suitable for temporary operations.

Pup Joints

If you work for an oil company in Texas, you understand the extreme importance of choosing the right components – ones suitable for their application. A unique part of any drilling operation is the pup joint. Pup joints, singularly in sets, are available to make surface handling and drilling easier. They accomplish this by fine-tuning the length of the drill string in conjunction with the rotary table’s elevation.

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