4 Jobs That Should Only Be Done By Licensed Electricians Miami FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


With all of the home improvement and repair DIY videos online, more and more homeowners are making their home repairs a DIY project. While this is fine for some jobs, there are other jobs that are too technical and too dangerous for others. Electrical jobs are a perfect example. There are several electrical jobs that require the help of licensed Electricians Miami FL.

Frequently Blowing Fuses

If a homeowner finds that they are blowing fuses often, even if they are not running too many appliances at once, they should hire licensed Electricians Miami FL. This type of work would require the home’s fuse box to be opened to find the problem. While it is fine for a homeowner to flip a tripped fuse, they should never open the box to expose the wires. This can be very dangerous.

Electrical Appliance Repairs

There is nothing worse than trying to use an appliance, and it won’t turn on. Some homeowners will open up the appliance themselves to make the repairs. This is a mistake. If the homeowner does not do the electrical job properly, the appliance can burn out and can be destroyed beyond repair. The best thing that the homeowner can do is take the appliance to a licensed electrician.

Home Rewiring

If a homeowner has old wiring in their home, it can be dangerous. It is obvious that this is the case if the homeowner turns on an appliance and the lights dim or blink. Rewiring a home is a very big job. If it is not done properly, it can result in an electrical fire that can destroy the entire house. If a homeowner needs any rewiring done in their home, it should only be left to a professional.

Changing a Wall Outlet

Replacing a wall outlet is not something that a homeowner should ever try on their own. While it is fine for them to change the outlet’s faceplate, if they need a grounded outlet with a GFCI switch, they should contact a licensed electrician. If it is not done properly, it can lead to an electrical fire.

If a homeowner is having electrical issues, they should contact the professionals at Bates Electric Inc. Not only will the job be done safely and properly, it will also be done to code.

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