Expressing Love With Grave Markers In Connecticut

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


The final resting place of loved ones has always been sacred. From the earliest days, the site was marked with a stone or piece of wood. The stones were crudely shaped because people did not have tools to form perfect shapes. Some stones had crude lettering on them. However, most often there was no writing at all. The dead were often buried at home before there were public cemeteries. Interestingly, one legend says a marker was placed to keep the deceased in the ground.

Eventually, Grave Markers in Connecticut and other places became more elaborate. A practice of covering the whole grave with an iron cage was popular during the 1800’s. However, this practice ended in the Victorian era. During the Victorian era, people were very public with mourning. Mourning jewelry was a trend, and fabulous grave markers started to pop up. Anything involving death was very elaborate. The finest quality stone was used for grave markers. In fact, the markers contained symbols such as doves, angels, Egyptian art and more. Indeed, the wealthier a person, the more elaborate the grave stone.

Most modern cemeteries are operated as businesses or owned by the government. Therefore, the owner dictates the type of markers that may be used. Grave markers in Connecticut may be flush or lawn-level. These markers are relatively inexpensive and are made of granite or bronze. The most popular grave marker is the upright headstone. It is actually made in two parts. The horizontal base in flush to the ground. A vertical upright stone is placed on top. Amazingly, the two pieces can weigh as much as five-hundred pounds. Slanted markers may also be used. They have the vertical base, but the top piece is lower and slanted backward.

Grave marker etching has evolved, as well. Many craftsmen uses stencils and chisels to make letters. However, sandblasting is also used to etch lettering. Further, many of the stencils are made with CAM software. Most of the work is done at the cemetery so the stone will not be damaged. Most importantly, the grave marker allows family to show their love for a relative. Visit the website for a monument company and click here to get more information.

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