4 Mistakes to Avoid After a Residential Heating Installation in Covina, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


When winter weather arrives, most people turn up the heat in the home and the office. While a heating system works to keep occupants comfortable and warm, it’s important to ensure the system’s efficient operation. Residential Heating Installation in Covina CA can help customers reduce utility bills and energy usage, but many overlook some of the easiest steps to achieve those savings. Click Here for several mistakes to avoid when heating a home during winter.

Setting the Thermostat too High

It’s natural to want to warm the house quickly, and many homeowners set the thermostat higher to heat the home faster. However, it isn’t that simple. When one sets the thermostat too high, they’re only increasing their utility bills. Simply put it at the standard setting and be patient.

Setting it Too Low

Generally, one shouldn’t put the thermostat at a very low setting. While it’s okay to set it a few degrees lower for nighttime use, if it’s set too low, the home will get cold. The heating system will work harder and use more energy to heat the house up again when the family awakens, and monthly utility bills will be higher as a result.

Heating the House When it’s Empty

This is a commonly-made mistake among homeowners. Leaving the heat on when no one is home is not only a bad decision, it can be an expensive one. Turn the heat back on when one arrives home or ask a contractor to install a programmable thermostat with remote control capabilities. The heating system will get a break from nonstop use, and it will last much longer.

Drawing the Curtains When It’s a Sunny Day Outside

Another common wintertime error to avoid in home heating is closing the curtains on sunny days. When the warm, bright sun is out, open drapes in south-facing rooms and common areas. The natural light can help warm the rooms, and it will give the heating system a much-needed rest. Homeowners should remember, however, that windows need a good cleaning for this to work.

These are just some of the most common mistakes made by homeowners after a Residential Heating Installation in Covina CA. The next time one wants to heat their home, they should remember these simple tips to lower their heating bills and save energy.

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