Using An Epoxy Covering On Garage Flooring

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jun, 2016


When someone has a cement garage floor, they may want to consider adding epoxy to their Garage Flooring to improve the appearance and add a protective layer to help ward off cracking. This addition will give the floor a high-gloss, desirable look as well as helping it last for many years into the future.

First, the homeowner will want to clean the floor in its entirety so the epoxy adheres without obstructions in the way. They should use a push broom to sweep away any loose particles. Then they should use water and a mild detergent on the floor next to remove any stained areas. This can be applied with a soft-bristled brush so the solution gets into cracks when cleaning. The garage door can then then be rinsed and allowed to dry before starting the epoxy application.

After the floor is cleaned, cracks will be visible. These should be filled in with a cement filling putty. This can be found in a hardware or home goods store. Simply insert the nozzle into a crack and squeeze the filling agent into the crevice. A putty knife can be used to spread the agent over the area. The next day, the putty should be sanded with sandpaper so the floor has no bumps within its surface.

When applying epoxy, it is important to wear a respirator as it emits a lot of fumes. The garage door should be left open when working with this agent to alleviate some of the fumes and to aid in the drying of the agent. Epoxy requires that water is added according to the packaging directions. Afterward it will need to cure for a bit before it is applied to the floor. It can be applied with a paintbrush starting to the area furthest from the door. After it is in place, it will need to dry for several days before it can be walked or driven upon.

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