4 Reasons to Hire a Local Electrician in Matthews, NC

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


Curiosity is a universal human trait, and many people, out of an abundance of it, believe they can do their own home electrical repairs. According to statistics from the Department of Labor, dozens of people are injured each year by electrical shocks. Here is a list of some of the most important reasons to hire a local electrician in Matthews NC instead of doing the work alone.

Home Electrical Repairs are Complicated

Most people know that electronics are composed of circuits, transistors, and other small parts. If a piece of equipment such as a socket, refrigerator, or television isn’t working properly, DIY repairs can be dangerous. Hiring an electrician is the safest route to take because these professionals are trained to repair complicated electrical components.

The Risk is High

The elevated risk is one of the most important reasons to hire an electrician. If a novice handles electric wires or parts incorrectly, they do so at the risk of serious injury or death. Local electricians follow the city’s safety codes and methods, which prevent them from suffering a severe electrical shock.

It’s Cheaper Than Expected

Most Americans believe that electrical appliances should be replaced when they stop working. Rather than tossing things in the trash, a quick call to a local electrician can save on unnecessary replacement expenses. If the repair cost is less than that of a new unit, calling an electrician for repair just makes financial sense.

Electricians Have the Right Tools

DIY electrical repairs can be dangerous, especially if the wrong tools are used. Most people do not have the proper tools for electrical work, but professional electricians are trained to use them safely and efficiently. Rather than tinkering with inadequate tools and running the risk of injury, customers should rely on a local electrician in Matthews NC for necessary repairs.

These are just some of the reasons why it is better to hire an electrician than to do repairs in-house. The team at Gowdy Electric is licensed to provide electrical services to commercial and residential clients, and all team members are experienced and certified. Call or click today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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