Uses for Medical Cannabis

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


While laws will vary from state to state, there are a few ailments which have generally universal medical acceptance when it comes to medical marijuana use. These are chronic conditions, meaning there is no cure and ongoing treatment is necessary. In these cases, medical cannabis is often the best choice for sufferers, but this is a decision that must be made by the patient or their guardian, and a doctor familiar with medical marijuana use and laws. Let’s take a look at a few ailments which could allow you access to medical marijuana dispensaries in Cook County.


Epilepsy is the poster child of the medical marijuana movement and for good reason. Epilepsy affects, on average, 48 out of every 100,000 people. While there are several anti-seizure medications on the market, these do not always provide a solution for patients. Often the side effects of these medications hurt the patient just as much as the seizures; but without a better solution, patients have had to suffer for years. Now, with the increasing legalization of medical cannabis, epileptic patients are finally able to access a medicine that will not cause long term mental or physical harm or dependence. For epileptic patients and their families, medical cannabis is a welcome change.


ADD and ADHD affects up to 11 percent of children, but in most cases it goes away on its own as the brain develops and is usually gone by the age of 17. For some patients, however, ADD and ADHD never goes away. This can make completing even basic tasks at school and work difficult. There are prescription medications that help, but these are mainly stimulants. This results in decreased appetite and increased aggression, especially once the medications begin wearing off. This will leave the patient feeling lethargic and irritated. Medical marijuana can be used to treat ADD and ADHD without the harsh side effects of prescription medications that can lead to addiction.

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