4 Things to Consider When Looking For Dog Daycare Services in Chicago

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


In a perfect world, pet owners would never have to leave their pets for any reason. In reality, pets can’t often accompany their owners on extended vacations, business trips and some owners simply need a break to from their pets. For those times, it’s best to take advantage of Dog Daycare Services in Chicago. When the time comes, here are four important things to consider when searching for the right place.

The Staff

When pet owners leave their pets for a day, it is important to know that their pets are taken care of by people that are specifically trained to handle and understand dogs. Do not hesitate to ask how many years of experience the handlers have in a day care setting. In addition to knowledge and experience, pet owners should make sure there are enough staff members to handle all the dogs at the facility.

Emergency Situations

Be sure to ask how the facility handles emergency situations. Emergency situations are not limited to how owners are notified. They should specifically ask how fights are handled if other dogs get sick and become contagious, or what happens if the facility needs to be evacuated due to weather related emergencies.


Before making a final decision, take the time to personally visit the facility. Important things to take note of are how friendly the staff is to the animals and to the owners, how clean the facilities appear, and what kind of space will each dog have. Do not forget to see if the other dogs seem pretty excited and happy to be there.

Additional Services

To make things even more convenient, some facilities offer other services like grooming, massages, overnight or extended boarding options, training and obedience classes. Shorter services like grooming or a massage would be a great way to test out the facilities first and to get the pets more familiar and comfortable with the facility.

When looking for Dog Daycare Services in Chicago, considering these four things can put pet owners at ease when they are not able to be with their pets.

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