Puppy Training: An Owner’s Responsibility

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


When you bring a puppy home, you automatically assume personal, legal and moral responsibility for this animal. It is dependent upon you to provide food, water and shelter. It is also your responsibility to see that the puppy grows up in a positive environment. This means respecting the puppy, loving it, but also helping it to get along in the larger world. Because of this, you must seriously consider puppy training.

A Social Responsibility

Whether you consider a puppy as part of your family, a companion animal or a future guard dog, you have a social responsibility towards it. Your puppy must be able to conform to the social customs of your family and the outside world. In other words, your puppy needs to receive some form of training to be successful when venturing into the world beyond home. Your puppy must be able to abide by society’s unwritten rules (e.g. no jumping if you want to take it outside to play with other dogs) to interact with people and to safely experience the world outside the home.

Choosing Puppy Training

It is easy to find a dog or puppy trainer. It is not so easy to find the one who is right for your puppy. While some owners go at it alone, others do not or cannot. Some fear they will not be able to teach their dog properly; others simply do not have the time to prepare a program. For those who seriously want to ensure their dog is well adjusted in every aspect of its life, it is very important to choose the right type of puppy training and trainer.

Types of Puppy Training

Like so many facets of our modern lives, there is no simple one-size-fits-all in puppy training. Consider the following methods currently available:

  • Bonding
  • Dog whisperers
  • Motivational training
  • Natural dog training
  • Pack leaders
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Protection dog training
  • Reward based training

It is important for you to research each method, no matter what name it goes under. Look at the different schools of thought. Consider what method of punishment and reward you prefer (this is the basis for all puppy training courses) before you make a decision.

You must also attend a class and watch the instructor. See how he or she interacts with puppies and owners. Watch corrections and facial expressions to determine whether this is the trainer and the method you want.

The Importance of Puppy Training

You have a responsibility as a dog owner to ensure your puppy can behave in the broader social context of your life. It is a big world out there and not everyone will find your puppy irresistible. Making sure now that it behaves well in public is one means of reducing stress for you and the puppy. It is also one way you can remove the risks of an argument that nobody will win. If you love your puppy and want to be a responsible dog owner, take the time to provide it with puppy training.

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