4 Ways to Improve Your Violin Playing Skills

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


There are few sounds in the world as hauntingly beautiful as the violin. If you’ve always wanted to play, here are tips to help you improve your skills even as a beginner:

Find a good teacher

A good teacher can provide you with a solid foundation of basics that will help you become an excellent violin player in the future. That’s why finding just any teacher won’t do. Before you sign up for violin lessons in Huntsville AL, make sure you look for someone experienced and qualified to provide those lessons.

Practice a lot

It’s not enough to take your lessons and then forget about them the minute class stops. Practice in your spare time. Whether it’s the right way to hold a bow or how to perfectly capture a note, practicing a lot is sure to improve your playing skills.

Love it

If you’re signing up for violin lessons in Huntsville AL simply because you love the thought of finally learning how to play this musical instrument, then that’s going to help make for a wonderful start. However, if you’re signing up for a lesson simply because someone put you up to it or you just wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, regardless of whatever kind it was, you might need to try out more than the violin to see if it’s really what you want or if other musical instruments might be a better fit for your personality and talents.

Don’t multitask

Don’t try to learn too many instruments all at once, though, says Creative Live. It’s better to start out with one, learn the basics, and move on to the next only when you’ve got a good grasp of how the first one works. This way, you can compare your experience and decide which instrument you enjoy the most.

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