Express Yourself At Tattoo Shops in Chicago, IL

Posted By : alex , on May, 2020


Tattoos are an ancient way of telling a story. In the last thirty years, tattoos have become a fashion statement for men and women of all age groups and all economic classes. However, it has not always been that way. Television shows about the subject are turning up all over. Examples include Inked, Miami Ink and LA Ink. In addition, the people who do tattoos are considered artists. In fact, some tattoo artists have been selected for exhibits at major museums.

The artists at Tattoo Shops in Chicago IL, do a really good job of capturing images in ink. Artists at Tattoo shops must be versatile because people want a wide variety of images. Some people like the sleeve look, where tattoos go up both sides of the arm like a sleeve. On the other hand, some people wear tattoos as jewelry. Women have rings tattooed on their fingers and bracelets on their arms. Historically, tattoos may have served a more useful purpose. Scientists think the “Iceman,” a 5300-year-old mummy, discovered in the Alps, has the earliest version of tattoos. Tattooed dots were placed around his body on the spine, knee and ankle joints. There is speculation that the tattoos served a medicinal purpose. The instruments used to tattoo the “Iceman,” are similar to those discovered in Egypt. One expert reports the Egyptians used several needles tied together. Ash mixed with breast milk was used as ink. Many ancient cultures, including the Nubians, wore tattoos. Ancient mummies of women had tattoos placed around the stomach, perhaps to protect a pregnancy.

Tattoos became more mainstream after the electric tattoo machine was invented in the 1890s. Military men were the first group of modern people that widely used tattoos. Additionally, tattoos became a popular symbol for different motorcycle groups and prison gangs. It seems that tattoos are popular among people who have a story to tell or want to express themselves. Often, people go to Tattoo Shops in Chicago IL, to get a tattoo as a memorial to someone. Lastly, a tattoo can be the greatest expression of art. That happens when someone draws an image and has it permanently placed on their body. Click here to know more.

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