A Clean Filter Can Keep a Residential Air Conditioner in Wyoming MI Running for Years

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Clogged air filters are a primary cause of HVAC problems. Debris and dust can restrict airflow, which forces the unit to work harder and use more energy to cool or heat the home. Just as replacing a car’s air filter and engine oil can keep it running smoothly, a new HVAC filter can prevent the system’s premature failure. Here, homeowners can learn how a Residential Air Conditioner in Wyoming MI works, and how clogged air filters keep them from operating normally.

How HVAC Units Work

Most homes are equipped with forced air systems, which use heat exchangers to cool or heat incoming air that’s blown through ductwork to the entire home. As air flows into rooms, a fan pulls air out via return ducts and routes it back toward the heat exchanger; the cycle goes on until the air reaches the right temperature.

When an Air Filter Becomes Clogged

When an HVAC filter is blocked, the heat exchanger may struggle to compensate. Not only can this bring higher utility bills, the reduced airflow can cause the exchanger to shut off prematurely. If this happens too frequently, the limit switch can fail, and the unit won’t work at all. In most cases, the parts and labor for this repair cost about $200. Below are a few consequences of a clogged filter.

* Increased energy use: Because HVAC systems rely on air recirculation, the blower fan’s performance can have a significant impact on the home’s energy usage. The harder the fan must work to pull air into the home, the more the owner pays for electricity. Replacing the filter frequently can help a homeowner save up to 15% on their energy bill.

* Frozen coils: If the air filter becomes clogged during the summer, the evaporator coil may freeze over because there’s not enough air to eliminate the condensation that comes as part of the cooling process. The unit’s ability to cool the home will decline, and in many instances, the system will eventually fail.

Many don’t believe that a clogged filter can cause a system to break down, but it can indeed happen. The most expensive result of an infrequently changed filter is the internal damage done to the HVAC system. When a blower is overworked, it may give out completely, resulting in the need for expensive repairs. Contact us for repairs and maintenance on residential air conditioner in Wyoming MI.

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