How Does a Root Canal in Gainesville Work?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Most people have heard of a root canal in Gainesville, but not too many people actually know exactly how this type of dental procedure really works. A root canal is actually much simpler than some people assume. The ultimate goal with this procedure is to remove damaged or infected tissue from the middle of the tooth so that the remainder of the natural tooth can be left intact.

The Tooth Pulp

The tooth pulp is made up of nerves and tissues, and it is all soft tissue. The pulp isn’t normally exposed in any way because it is protected by the tooth enamel. However, in some cases a person may have a crack in the tooth or an infection within the gums. This can allow bacteria to work its way into the tooth pulp. Once the tooth pulp is infected, the patient will experience serious inflammation and pain. This pain is often concentrated on a single tooth, but it can also spread into the gums and jaw if it’s not treated in some cases. To treat the problem, removal of the root pulp is best. This is the process known as a root canal.

During a Root Canal

A patient receives a local anesthetic to prepare them for root canal. When this anesthesia sets in fully, the patient won’t experience any pain during the root canal procedure. Many patients even doze lightly during the process. The dentist will carefully open the tooth up using a specialized dental drill. This allows for the removal of the damaged pulp. After the pulp is taken out, the dentist will once again examine the tooth thoroughly to make certain that all of the diseased tissue is gone. A special sealant is then placed over the tooth. The patient will then return in about 2 to 3 weeks for the placement of a custom dental crown. This crown replicates the shape of the original tooth, and its job is to provide protection for the tooth.

A root canal is often the best way to help patients keep their natural teeth when the pulp is badly damaged. When in need of a root canal in Gainesville, consider contacting the team at Exceptional Dentistry. They are experienced with this type of dentistry and know how to help patients get the very best results.

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