A Client Might Need Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vermont One Day

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


Probably most people who are employed somewhere are aware of an employer insurance program called workers’ compensation, which is designed to help the employee with financial compensation if the employee is hurt at work. However, many of these same people are not sure exactly how the insurance program is supposed to work to their advantage. There are Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vermont who help clients understand their rights concerning workers’ compensation. Here are some things employees might want to know about the workers’ compensation program in Vermont.

Things to Know about the Workers’ Compensation Program

Ordinarily, when an employee is hurt at work, the injury is reported to the employer who then submits a claim to the insurance company for workers’ compensation. If the employer fails to submit a claim, the employee should file a form called “Form 5,” which must be documented with witnesses if any, and include medical examinations. The employer might pick a doctor for the employee’s first medical appointment, but the employee has the right to select a doctor after that. Another form called “Form 8” must be filled out to do this.

More Things to Know about the Workers’ Compensation Program

If the employee is a full-time employee and has a medical appointment during regular work hours related to the workplace injury, the employer must still pay the employee for the time away from work. If an employee feels that workplace harassment or discrimination has occurred because of the workers’ compensation claim, this can be reported to the State Attorney General’s Office, the civil rights division. If the employee has any questions or concerns about the workers’ compensation case, an attorney might need to be consulted.

An Attorney to Help with Workers’ Compensation Case

When looking for an attorney who is experienced and successful at litigating workers’ compensation cases, the employee can search online. One attorney in the Burlington, Vermont area that takes workers’ compensation cases is the law firm of McVeigh Skiff LLP. If an employee wants to consult with Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vermont, the law firm is available. More information about the law firm can be reached by visiting the website at Website URL

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