Grandparents Custody Law in Allentown, PA Allows Grandparents to Spend More Time with Their Grandchildren

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


Under normal circumstances, parents raise their children until they are adults. However, when neither parent can care for the kids, whether it’s because they are sick, addicted to drugs or deceased, grandparents may want to take over. Sometimes, this process is seamless because the parents gave custody to the grandparents before the unfortunate event. Other times, grandparents need to exert their rights and get the children out of the foster care system. When a minor child is in the custody of the state, grandparents might need to seek help from an experienced attorney who focuses on grandparents custody law in Allentown, PA.

Grandparent Rights in Pennsylvania

Grandparents have rights in the state of Pennsylvania. They can seek custody or visitation of their grandchildren in certain circumstances. For example, if the parents are divorced and the grandparents need court intervention to maintain a relationship with them, they may petition the court for visitation. If one or both parents have died, grandparents could get custody or visitation if it is in the best interests of the children.

Grandparents also have the right to ask for visitation or custody if their grandchildren lived with them for 12 months or more and were removed by the parents. Because grandparents rights is a complicated legal issue, those who want to use the courts to ensure they have a relationship with their grandchildren should work closely with an attorney that specializes in grandparents custody law in Allentown, PA.

Best Interest of the Children

Family courts today are guided by the best interests of the children. When both parents are living, it is important for grandparents to be able to prove that spending time with them is good for the children. They may do this by showing documentation of phone calls, photos, or videos of the grandparents and the children together.

Before petitioning the court, grandparents should consult an expert like Erik Conrad Attorney. Experienced lawyers may tell grandparents the most effective ways to prove their cases to the court. It’s important for grandparents to remain calm throughout the process and avoid getting the grandchildren involved in any disagreements they have with the parents.

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