A Few Tips for Choosing Rugs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


The right Rugs can really tie together the design of any room. Some designers would lead their clients to believe that the process of choosing a rug is much too complicated for the average design-conscious homeowner to handle but, in reality, this is far from true. When it comes down to it, who is really more qualified to make choices that directly impact a living space: overpaid designers or the inhabitants themselves? Below are a few basic considerations that can give homeowners and residents the opportunity to choose a new rug that can help to create an integrated room design breaking the budget on hiring a professional.

First, consider the floor plan. Furniture can certainly be moved later, but knowing how much space will need to be covered initially can help rug buyers narrow their choices and get started. If the furniture is primarily located at the edges of the room, the rug should be big enough to reach underneath the front legs of each piece of furniture. Those with sofas, chairs, tables, or other pieces floating in the middle of the room should purchase a rug large enough to fit the entirety of each piece of furniture on top of it. In the context of a dining room, the best solution is to extend the rug about two feet from each side of the table.

When choosing a color and pattern, give thought to how much foot traffic the room will see, and try to choose accordingly. It can also help to take a look at all of the permanent furniture. If it is patterned, purchasing a rug in a solid or even neutral color can create a more integrated feel and avoid conflicting patterns. Try to match the rug color to one of the secondary colors in existing furniture rather than the primary. For rooms with primarily solid- or neutral-colored furnishings, a patterned rug can give the room a bit more character. Again, consider matching the secondary rug color in this circumstance to existing furniture rather than the primary.

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