Using Anesthesia for Dental Surgery in Redding, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Dentistry for children is much different than it is for adults because pediatric dentists have to be aware of the different dangers of some procedures for children. The use of anesthesia on children has increased because damage due to cavities may require surgical dental procedures. Cavities are often caused because parents neglect to take their young children to the dentist for preventative care.

Children’s Dental Treatments

Poor dental hygiene, not going to the dentist, and bad eating habits have increased the number of cavities in preschool-age children. Sometimes the damage is so extensive that dental surgery in Redding, CA is required. However, pediatric dentists have to be careful with the use of anesthesia because children are more sensitive to it than adults and the use of anesthesia can have risks for anyone.

Special Needs Children

Along with dental surgery, different forms of sedation are used on children who are anxious when they visit the dentist. Sometimes, general anesthesia may be needed if a treatment cannot be performed safely, for extensive treatments, or for children who have disabilities and cannot understand directions or be treated safely.

Gentler forms of sedation are available, such as nitrous oxide or oral sedation, if something stronger than laughing gas is needed so that an examination or treatment can be done safely. If dental surgery is necessary to remove teeth, perform a root canal, or fill multiple cavities, then a dental anesthesiologist or oral surgeon can administer the anesthesia.

Advising Children

If dental surgery is necessary, you need to prepare your child for it. Follow the dentist’s directions about eating or drinking prior to and after the procedure. Explain to your child how it will work and let him or her ask questions about the treatment. Afterwards, allow your child to rest so that he or she can resume his or her normal schedule as soon as possible.

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