A Flooring Service in University Place WA Can Replace Smooth Floors With Textured Material for Safety Reasons

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Flooring


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A person who has reached the senior years or who has a health condition that sometimes causes unsteadiness or balance problems may want to have slippery floor surfaces replaced, especially in bathrooms where floors may sometimes get wet. A Flooring Service in University Place WA can replace smooth floors with a textured material that helps prevent falls.

Hardwood, smooth tile, and smooth linoleum can be problematic for people at greater risk of slipping and falling. Carpeting is a suitable option, although not everybody is comfortable with the idea of carpet in bathrooms or kitchens. The laundry room is another area where people may be skeptical about carpeting. As long as those rooms are well-ventilated, carpeting shouldn’t be an issue. Otherwise, carpet might be installed in other rooms with smooth floors, and textured flooring could be installed in rooms where the floor is more likely to get wet.

Slate is a possible option to have installed by a Flooring Service in University Place WA. This is a beautiful feature in a home, as it has the look of natural stone, but the surface is somewhat rough compared to traditional stone floors. Slate does not become slick when it gets wet. In addition, tile flooring is available with slip-resistant abrasive coatings applied to create a surface with texture.

Linoleum also comes in slip-resistant versions. People who have only seen linoleum that was installed decades ago may have an impression of it as a cheap-looking, unattractive material. Linoleum has been greatly improved over the years, and now it is available in a multitude of lovely designs. Carpet, slate, and textured linoleum all can bring more peace of mind to a person who is becoming afraid of falling on slick surfaces in the home, as well as to family members who don’t live with this individual.

A homeowner who is getting nervous about smooth floors in the house may consult a contractor such as Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. about getting new material to replace some or all of the flooring. This type of company doesn’t only provide painting service, but a variety of home improvement projects, including flooring installation.

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