Signs You Need To Visit Your Chicago Furnace Company

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Every homeowner dreads the moment his or her furnace breaks. In most cases, a call to a repair company can result in the furnace being fixed, and your family staying warm throughout the winter. However, as your home, and your furnace, ages, there may be signs that you will wind up spending more fixing it than you would to buy a new unit. It can be a chore to find a new furnace, but in the long run, you and your family will be grateful you did. Here are a few signs that you need to visit your Chicago furnace company, and invest in a new unit.

It Costs More To Repair Than To Replace

One of the first signs that you should invest in a new furnace is the cost of your repair bills. If you’ve noticed that you are starting to sink more money into your old furnace than a new one is worth, it is likely time to start shopping for a new one. One rule that many experts advise their clients of is the fifty percent rule: if it costs half the value of a new one to repair your old one, it’s time to make the investment. It may be more expensive up front, but over the next few years you will save a considerable amount of money, and reduce the risk you’ll be left in the cold in the middle of the winter.

Your Furnace Is Old

The average lifespan of a furnace is approximately eighteen years, and that’s only if it’s been maintained properly throughout that time period. If your furnace is approaching that milestone and you’ve noticed that repairs are starting to drain your family’s budget, it’s probably time to consider replacement.

Heating Costs Have Risen

A furnace that needs to be replaced will drive up the cost to heat your home dramatically. If you aren’t sure the reason why you’re spending so much on heat, compare your heating bill to that of friends and family who live in comparable homes. You’ll know your furnace is to blame if your costs greatly exceed theirs.

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