A Guide to Concrete Sealer in Philadelphia PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


Sealers are a cost-efficient and easy way to prolong the life of a concrete driveway. These surfaces are vulnerable to everyday wear and tear from the elements and from automotive traffic, but there are ways to prevent erosion. Concrete Sealer in Philadelphia PA gives the driveway the durability it needs for longer life and lesser deterioration.

Concrete Driveways Need Regular Upkeep

If a homeowner isn’t sure how to maintain their driveway, they should consider how much maintenance their local roads need to stay in working order. The coatings used on public roads are made to withstand more wear than those used on driveways, and it’s easy to see why regular maintenance is important. By getting your driveway sealed at least once per year, it’s easy to keep small problems from becoming big ones.

The Benefits of Concrete Sealing

Sealing a driveway has many benefits. When properly applied, the sealer can repel water. Concrete will naturally crack if permeated by moisture, and the tendency is magnified as cars drive over the surface. Once a crack appears, water makes the situation worse, especially in cold-weather areas. Oxygen and sunlight can also hasten the deterioration of a concrete driveway, but regular application of a quality sealer can prevent air, sunlight and water from causing issues. Moreover, the sealer can repel oil stains, making it easier to keep the driveway clean.

When to Apply Sealer

Generally, concrete sealer should be applied every one to three years. There are a few rules to consider, though; new surfaces need time to allow moisture to evaporate. If the sealer is applied before the surface has fully cured, it won’t reach full effectiveness. Outside temperatures and weather are other important considerations; it’s important for the sealer to have 48 hours to dry before it rains.

Consult a Professional

Sealing is a vital part of concrete driveway maintenance, but it’s not the only factor to consider. If the driveway is already cracked or showing other signs of deterioration, it’s important for the homeowner to fix those issues before applying sealant. Visit the website to contact Clearspan Contractors Inc., who can evaluate the driveway for existing issues, and who can apply Concrete Sealer in Philadelphia PA after those issues are rectified.

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