Opportunities Defined by a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Waldorf, MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


Maryland families file civil lawsuits when death was the result of another party’s negligent acts. These circumstances indicate that the demise of the victim was avoidable if a different action was chosen. These actions could relate to a criminal infraction or a failure to perform a duty as outlined under personal injury laws. A wrongful death lawyer in Waldorf, MD helps these families through the litigation process.

Defining the Circumstances

Cases such as product’s liabilities require the victim’s family to define the circumstances of their death, while the manufacturer is obligated to disclose all risks associated with using or operating their products. A failure to warn the public could result in an unnecessary fatality. These circumstances could equate to a flaw in the design of the product or an error made during assembly. When the case goes to court, the attorney shows how this failure contributed to the victim’s death.

Awaiting the Outcome of a Criminal Case

When a criminal act results in death, the family has the right to file a civil claim. While the cases could start at the same time, the outcome of the criminal case could influence the results of the lawsuit. The purpose of the civil case is to enforce accountability. If the criminal case doesn’t result in a conviction, the family may face difficulties proving that the defendant is liable for the fatality.

When Doctors Fail Their Patients

A medical malpractice exists when the doctor fails to provide adequate treatment or high-quality health care. They relate to mistakes during a surgical procedure and a misdiagnosis that could attribute to the death. The attorney must show that this mistake was the ultimate cause of the victim’s death.

Maryland families have the opportunity to hold a party accountable when they cause the victim’s death. The circumstances of these cases could define further requirements. Each personal injury case associated with wrongful death requires witnesses and forensic analysis, along with strong evidence that prevents the defendant from disputing the claim. Families that need a wrongful death lawyer in Waldorf, MD should contact Law Office of Danny R. Seidman immediately.

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