A Landscaping Contractor in Madison, CT Helps When a House Is Built on Property With a Steep Slope

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


A Landscaping Contractor in Madison CT can help people who have had a house constructed on a lot with a relatively steep slope. They may not feel comfortable when mowing grass on that type of slope and wonder what else would be suitable to plant there. Landscaping professionals often recommend wildflower gardens as an alternative to grass in steeper parts of a property.

Wildflowers that are native to the area don’t need a great deal of attention. Consider that they are able to grow in the natural environment without any tending. These native plants are hardy. Nevertheless, particular species should be chosen in relation to other aspects of the property. If there are many trees on the level part of the property and they, provide abundant shade to the slope, wildflowers that thrive in these conditions are best.

Ferns could be added along with creeping greenery that grows well when left alone. Creeping plants should be contained by vegetative borders against grassy areas or other people’s lawns since they are tenacious and can easily invade those places if no preventive measures are in place.

In contrast, wildflowers that can handle hot sunshine throughout most of the day should be planted in areas with little to no shade. The property owner may need to water them regularly or have an irrigation system developed and installed by a landscaping contractor in Madison CT. An irrigation system tends to be the best option since there are problems when trying to water slopes with a garden hose or one rotating sprinkler. Much of the water is likely to simply cascade down the hill without having time to sink into the earth. The situation worsens during dry spells and outright drought conditions.

On this type of land, professional landscapers from a company such as Sullivan Lawn Services evaluate the property to create an environment that is both beautiful and functional. Erosion is a significant potential issue on steep slopes, and effective landscaping can prevent that. Certain species of prairie grass and turf grass might work well on the property. to learn more about this particular organization.

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