3 Reasons to Visit a Women’s Center for Hormone Therapy in Norman, OK

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


Few modern women accept that aging means sitting in a rocker as wrinkles form on their faces. Thanks to healthier lifestyles and medical advances, 60 really is the new 40. For local residents, hormone therapy in Norman OK often helps the process along. Patients visit professionals such as Life’s Cycle Womens Care for treatments that reverse many signs of aging. The facilities also offer body sculpting and cosmetic procedures that seem to turn back the clock.

Hormonal Symptoms Are Not Inevitable

Many traditional signs of aging are really due to decreasing hormone levels. While the process is inevitable, living with it no longer has to be. Professionals now offer custom treatments that can balance patients’ systems. For example, those who choose SottoPelle hormone therapy in Norman OK are tested to determine their current levels. Then the exact amount and type of replacement hormones are prescribed. Patients see increased energy levels, decreased fat levels, and increased lean muscle mass. Their thinking is clearer and women get relief from hot flashes and enjoy improved bone density.

Simple Procedures Can Contour the Body

The same center that offers hormone therapy can help women look younger with body contouring procedures. Options like CoolSculpting use non-invasive techniques to remove body fat. Patients have no downtime. They can avoid surgery and still eliminate the fat on their abdomens, thighs, sides, and under-chin areas.

Cosmetic Treatments Keep Faces Fresh

Many patients who have had hormone therapy contact Life’s Cycle Womens Care to reverse signs of facial aging. Specialists provide Botox procedures that temporarily remove lines between the eyes and crow’s feet around them. Medical professionals also offer fillers such as JUV DERM . Fillers are used to add volume to the cheek area and smooth wrinkles around the nose and mouth. JUV DERM Ultra XC is injected into the lips and areas around the mouth to restore fullness.

Today’s vibrant women often get professional treatments that allow them to look and feel much younger than their actual ages. Many rely on women’s centers for a variety of procedures, including restorative hormone replacement and body contouring. The facilities can also erase or minimize wrinkles and restore youthful fullness to faces.

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