A Look at the New Ford Edge

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


The Edge was introduced for the first time by Ford in 2007 and sold over 400,000. The 2011 model was the first major upgrade and the new models received even more upgrades.

Very Smooth

In a test drive the new Ford Edge, it performed admirably. Even when driving the roads and highways, and most of the time driving under heavy rains, it was very smooth. The engine worked exceptionally well, giving confidence on the drive because it held the vehicle on the road. It was fast, smooth, and able to handle everything thrown at it. It had plenty of room and the back was huge. It’s worth asking to test a Ford Edge in Barrington when you go to look at a new vehicle.

A Modern Throwback

There was a very popular song in 1959 about teenagers hugging and kissing in the back seat. I guess that was the dream of every teenager at the time. This vehicle has plenty of room and it reminds people of the verse saying to Keep your mind on your driving, hands around the wheel, and your eyes on the road as it flies by. One of the lines went: “Reached the town, taken to the country, showed them how an engine could go.” This song really describes the test drive of the new Ford Edge.

All New Features

The interior has been improved, the exterior is completely redesigned, and the electronics are amazing. There is less weight, more power and improved quality is noticeable. Although engineers have put a lot of effort into redesigning the exterior, the interior is still the focal point for many. The center console and dashboard have been redesigned to accommodate climate control, navigation, entertainment, radio and telephone by voice command. Ford introduced the synchronization system several years ago, which could use voice commands for radio, phones and other entertainment, but this takes everything to a much higher level.

If you are looking for a Ford Edge in Barrington, contact Arlington Heights Ford. They can be found online at http://www.ahford.net.

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