A Respected Transmission Rebuilding Specialist Right in Chicago

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2020


There comes a point in your car engine’s life when a simple repair of the transmission is not going to be enough to keep the car running efficiently. You’ll notice this when you experience sudden major transmission failure, instances of slipping and the resulting growing inefficiency. It’s time to bring your transmission to a specialist in rebuilding engines.

Here at SOS Transmissions, we specialize in repair and rebuilding engine transmissions whether it’s from a car, a truck, a high power speedster or a classic vintage. And if you’ve got a specialty car, we can work on its transmission as well.

We use our diagnostic equipment and our long years of experience working on engine transmission to ascertain the specific causes of any problem and know what’s best to deal with them.

Yes, we deal with everything that comes with your transmission block – its mechanical systems, hydraulic and electrical systems and the computer controls that are linked to them. We’ll rebuild and reconnect back your transmission into a whole system functioning at optimum efficiency.

That’s what we do having rebuilt transmission in Chicago in the last 36 years of service.

We’ve made it as easy and comfortable for our clients as best we can as we’ve learned through the years. That’s why we offer our customers free towing along with free loaner cars for qualified drivers when they’ve got their transmission rebuilt with us. And we stand by our work by giving you a nationwide warranty.

If you’ve got questions, give us a call at 708-344-1760. You’re welcome to learn how we’ve rebuilt transmission in Chicago since 1983.

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