Tips For Buying Pup Joints In Texas

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jan, 2020


One of the most important aspects of being able to work on the rigs in Texas is to have the supplies needed for the job and replacement equipment and inventory readily available. This becomes more of an essential factor when working in some of the more remote locations in West Texas, where suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers’ representative companies are often a long way from the well.

A commonly used and indispensable part of any materials and inventory list is a good selection of pup joints. They are an essential component to connect tubular strings when a standard length of tubing is too long for the job.

What to Buy
The easiest way to ensure you are ready for any Texas drilling situation is to have a good selection of pup joints on hand. These products come as either perforated or seamless and non-perforated, and they are made from uniform sizes and options in oil country tubing.

There are different options within the standard sizes of the joints, including those that have a standard or a heavy wall. Most of the top wholesale suppliers in the area offer a good range of nominal OD sizing, which allows the pup joint to work with any tubular string configuration.

They are available in different grades, including J-55 and N-80, as well as several others. They can be manufactured and supplied with different connections and in lengths from two to 12 feet, with differences based on the type of pup joints required.

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