A Roofing Contractor In Tucson Will Keep Your Home Or Business Dry And Secure

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Choosing the right roofing company begins with finding one that’s been in business for many years. It makes finding a reference for them much easier and gives an individual the peace of mind they need to know their roofing job is going to be done right the first time. An experienced Roofing Contractor Tucson can perform new installations, replacement roofing and repairs to both homes and businesses. No job is ever too large or too small for an experienced roofing company because they’re only concerned about satisfying customers and quality workmanship on each and every project.

When a storm rolls through an area, less than reputable roofing companies will show up offering a quick fix to a failing roof. These types of companies are not from the area and often ask for a deposit before the work begins. A homeowner or business owner should never pay a deposit for work that hasn’t been started. In addition, they should only deal with a reputable company from the area that has a physical office location where they can stop in, ask questions and conduct business normally. The best way to a roof to last as long as possible is to have a Roofing Contractor Tucson perform proper maintenance. This includes:

• Check the flashing around pipes, vents, drains, and skylights for a strong seal.

Check a coated roof to see if the paint is cracking, wearing thin or peeling.

Replace any missing shingles and look for any broken ones.

Flat roofs in Tucson have a slight pitch, so the water will travel to a drain in the roof. If the slope is not significant enough, water will pool on the roof and cause a lot of damage. A pool of water will help to rapidly deteriorate the protective roof coating. Once the protective coating is gone, leaks will begin to occur inside of the structure. When a roofing contractor has seen pooling water for 72 hours or more, they must notify the owner and put it in writing to them. Ralph Hays Roofing has been in business since 1958 serving both residential and commercial customers. They provide quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. For more information, please check out ralphhays.com.

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