Storage Tips for Those Who Live in Apartments in Newnan

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


If someone has moved from a house into an apartment before, they’ve likely had to rent a storage space. There are many reasons to rent a storage unit, but there are also many tricks and tips that the storage facility’s staff won’t tell customers. Below are a few things to consider when moving into Apartments Newnan.

Use Pallets to the Fullest

It’s important to keep items off of the floor of the storage unit, and pallets can be very useful. While a unit may appear clean, it might not stay that way, and pallets can keep flood waters from ruining a family’s valuables.

Wrap Everything Possible

Every time an apartment dweller rents a storage unit, they should wrap whatever they can in thick, industrial-strength plastic wrap. That way, things won’t collect dust and bugs while they’re in storage.

Use a Strong Lock

Although most storage facilities have adequate security, the guards can’t be everywhere at once. Find a stout, all-weather padlock with a short arm to prevent someone from removing it with a bolt cutter.

Label Everything

Even though a renter may know precisely what they’re putting into the storage unit, it’s easy to lose track over time. Label all boxes, and consider making a checklist that gives an approximate location of items that may be needed later.

Account for Temperature Shifts

Although this isn’t an issue everywhere, certain items don’t like excessive heat or cold. As such, they should be double-wrapped, well insulated, or not stored in the unit. Vinyl records, electronics, old photographs and other things may not be in the same condition once they’re pulled out of the storage unit, so store them carefully.

Protect the Area

While most people are concerned about what they put in the unit, protecting the structure itself is very important, as there can be substantial fines for damaging the unit during the tenancy. If a person rents a storage unit to use for a restoration business, they should cover the floors and walls to catch paint, glue, dents and dings.

While moving into Apartments, Newnan can be exciting, finding the right storage can be difficult. By following these tips, users can maximize the efficiency with which they store their belongings, and they can avoid damaging them before, during and after storage. Contact Us to discuss your storage needs today.

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