Achieve Potty Training Success with Your Pets in Folsom, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


Having Pets in Folsom CA has a way of making every day a new adventure. Bringing a new puppy into your family can be a particularly stimulating experience. When they’re newborns and can barely manage to squirm their way around a blanket, mommy dog does all the wrangling and managing. Once they’re old enough to find a forever home, though, the story changes.

Potty training is a challenge all its own. In the beginning, those little carpet accidents are bound to happen in spite of your best efforts. Since little puppy bodies have a hard time holding matters inside for very long, taking them outside often is crucial to keeping those mishaps to a minimum. You can gradually extend the length of time between trips outside.

For overnight purposes, or if you need to leave your new four-legged family member at home while you go to work or to run errands, puppy pads are a wonderful tool in the potty training journey. Line puppy’s crate with them or place them in a designated indoor potty area, like the bathroom or laundry room. If you need to go this route, be sure to introduce your puppy to this area often as well.

Positive reinforcement is highly effective when it comes to training your puppy to potty where he or she should. Whether outside or in an indoor area, offer plenty of praise when puppy potties successfully. Head rubs and cheerfully exclamations of what a good puppy he or she is definitely goes a long way to achieving success.Of course, tasty little goodies won’t hurt either.

When you’re choosing treats for your puppy, consider his or her size and age. Small, soft treats make great choices for younger pups. They tend to get a little overzealous once they smell those delightful rewards, so choking could easily become an issue. After puppy is accustomed to those, you can broaden the selection a bit. Still, you may want to break the beef jerky and slim jim-type treats into smaller chunks at first.

Pets in Folsom CA ultimately become life-long friends and indispensable members of their human families, but potty training them does take a good bit of work. With patience and consistency, you and your puppy can make it through those first few weeks to achieve potty success. Visit Lees Feed And Western Store for a selection of treats, puppy pads, and other training essentials.

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