Add To Your Income Potential With A Portable Shampoo Sink

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2015


For anyone who works with clients for hair styling and cutting, working from a salon can be restricting and limiting. There are many different events and opportunities you could access if you had a portable shampoo sink, and now is the right time to invest.

For a salon, a spa or a hairdresser working on his or her own, a portable shampoo sink really does open up a whole new world of possibilities. With this low-cost investment, you could start providing full service virtually anywhere, giving you the option to look for new markets right in your community.

Additional Clients
If you work in a busy salon you know there are those times when you simply don’t have enough sinks avoid clients backing up in the salon. Peak times include holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but graduation can also be an incredibly busy time.

This doesn’t even include the rush of clients in the summer as bridal parties all need hairstyles, haircuts, perms, and colors. Having a portable shampoo sink you can add to your regular sinks at busy times can increase your customer throughput and your income potential.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Another benefit to a portable shampoo sink is you can go to the clients, instead of having them come to you. Elderly people in nursing homes, long-term healthcare facilities or even in hospital settings can benefit from having a hairstylist on the site.

With the smaller sized, self-contained portable shampoo sink everything can come to the room, giving patients their privacy while they get their hair done. Designed to provide correct positioning for a seated client and including a hand held sprayer, clients will have a true salon experience without having to leave.

Keep in mind the portable shampoo sink has everything needed right in the design. There is a fresh water tank as well as a waste water tank that can be emptied when needed. In addition, these units have a built-in water heater system to allow you to pre-select the desired temperature for your client’s comfort.

Having a portable shampoo sink allows you the freedom to offer your hairstyling services even where running water isn’t available. This means you are free to work at events in the community, take part in trade shows and fairs, and never have to worry about having all the water and equipment you need.

If you haven’t considered the benefits of a portable shampoo sink from Monsam Enterprises, you may be missing out. To learn more about the designs we offer see us at

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