Advantages of Gas Heating in Fort Wayne, IN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Natural gas heating units are a popular way to heat a home due, in part, to their adaptability. These heaters come in multiple forms, which can be used to fill almost any need. Gas heaters are used more commonly than all other types of heating systems in the US, and they create heat for radiators, wall furnaces, forced-air induction systems, and even fireplaces. Read on to learn about the advantages of gas Heating Fort Wayne IN.

Gas Heaters are Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

Today’s most efficient gas heaters can turn up to 98% of the fuel burned into heat for the home. Because of their high efficiency, it may make financial sense to contemplate installing a gas heater if the current unit is over twelve years old. An older unit isn’t under stricter DOE (Department of Energy) standards, so they may be working at 65% efficiency or even less. The inefficiency means that the homeowner spends more each month on fuel, and the spending will only increase with time.

The Qualities of Natural Gas Make These Heaters a Great Choice

The inherent qualities of natural gas make these home heating systems an attractive choice. Natural gas burns cleanly, making it very energy efficient-;meaning that very little is lost during combustive processes. Although natural gas is classed as a fossil fuel, there are plentiful reserves in North America that can meet the country’s heating needs for many years. Using natural gas as a heating source is a wise choice for consumers who are tired of high winter heating bills.

Rely on a Professional Installer

A natural gas heater is a combustion device that uses flammable fuel to generate heat. Because of the flammability, it can be very dangerous to work with natural gas. Therefore, it’s best to call in Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning if a homeowner wants to install a gas heating system.

Natural gas is a safe choice for home heating because it is delivered directly to area homes. Unlike other fuels like propane or kerosene, natural gas doesn’t have to be stored on-site with all the risks that come with it. Where safety, dependability, low cost, and efficiency are needed, a natural gas home heating system is a hard choice to pass up for Heating Fort Wayne IN.

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