Protect Your Digital Property with Internet Related Litigation

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Since the inception of the internet, many users considered themselves free to do or say anything without worrying much about any legal consequences; however the law has caught up to it. On occasion, people would hear a hacker has been arrested and jailed, but the international scope of the Internet seemed to make those cases the exception. There are undoubtedly many Internet crimes committed by people worldwide, but the wild west aspect of the Internet is gradually being controlled.

Copyright Infringement
A copyright gives a musician, artist, playwright, etc. the exclusive legal right to their work, and they are, or someone else they authorize, the only people allowed to publish, print, perform, film or record the work. Artists have the right to protect their work. It is very easy to duplicate an image and use it on a website, but that image may well belong to someone else, and it is possible that the owner may never discover the unauthorized use, but don’t count on it. If the image has been used to generate income, a lawsuit could prove very costly.

Domain Name Disputes
Large and small companies are quick to defend their domain names. That is the name, “,” used to locate a business on the internet, which is registered and owned. Large companies often register not only the name that they use on the web but every variation of that name that they could think of so that no one else could use it. Anyone who tries to almost copy their domain name can expect a lawsuit.

In some instances, a company may attempt to register their corporate name or trademark as a domain name only to discover someone else is already using it. This could happen if two businesses had similar names, for example. Generally, it’s a case of “first come, first served,” but there could be circumstances that would allow the second company to file suit and ultimately prevail.

Internet related litigation can only be expected to increase. There seem to be limitless ways to commit internet fraud, for example. Other potential areas of Internet related litigation could include content writing, website agreements or service provider disputes. Digital real estate is valuable and deserves protection, and the legal team at visit website is ready to aggressively protect your internet rights. Contact them today for a free Legal Consultation.

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