Air hand dryer vs. paper towels?

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance


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What’s better; an air hand dryer or paper towels? This debate has been raging for years and for a very good reason. The manufacturers of paper towels as well as the manufacturers of air hand dryers stand to increase sales if they can convince the buying public that their solution is better.

The arguments:

  • For anyone that owns or operates a facility, operating costs are extremely important. A air hand dryer is considerably less expensive to operate than it is to provide paper towels to those using the restroom. Depending on the type of hand dryer, the cost be operation is anywhere from 0.02 cents to 0.18 cents; a typical paper towel costs about 1 cent per pull. The facts speak for themselves, assuming a user pulls two paper towels, what costs $20 in electricity to run the hand dryer will cost $250 in paper towels.
  • An air hand dryer does not create waste, paper towels do; lots of it. Facility managers complain that their maintenance staff is forever cleaning up paper towel debris off the floor, in the sinks and even clogging the toilets. Add the cost of maintenance to the cost of paper towels and it soon becomes an unnecessary financial burden. On top of it all you have the fact that waste cans have to be emptied and the contents disposed of.

Operating costs and maintenance are real issues that you can put your hands on; then there is the emotional argument of having to touch a surface that has been touched by hundreds of other people; the push button to start the drying cycle. This argument hardly holds water when you consider having to push on a door plate or pull a handle to leave the rest room; hundreds of people have touched these surfaces as well.

An air hand dryer is simply good for users, good for the building owner and good for the environment. Saving money and having less debris to dispose of is good for everyone involved. Visit to get the best hand dryer in industry.

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