Landscape Design in Weston CT: From Brick Patios to Outdoor Lighting to Colorful Flowers

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


A professional landscape designer combines innate talent and acquired a skill to help residential property owners create lovely outdoor areas. Landscape Design in Weston CT addresses features that include trees, lawns, flower gardens, hardscape areas, fencing and more.

Design Considerations

Designers take into account aspects such as the terrain of the lot or acreage, soil composition and drainage, the style of the home and other buildings, and the amount of routine maintenance the customers are willing to take on.

These creative professionals know it’s important to keep in mind the natural ecology of the region. Many of those employed in landscaping, as well as property owners, prefer to decorate outdoor areas with plants native to the region. They like creating a plan that fits with the local environment.


Additional features that people without landscape design experience may not think about while planning includes shadow and light, visible texture and symmetry. Color is front and center in considerations with a company like Northeast Horticultural Services. The variety of green in tree leaves and grass, hues of the flowers blooming all around the property, and even the blend of colors in the granite paths add to the effects. Visit the website to learn about this particular organization.

The Work of Technicians

Landscaping technicians implement the plans that the designers create, which are typically crafted in consultation with the property owners. They do the planting and install patio stones and bricks. Some of them build fences, and some install complementary features like gazebos and pergolas. Outdoor lighting can be added to illuminate paths with solar lamps or to enhance the atmosphere around a deck in the evening.

An Ongoing Process

Landscape Design in Weston CT may be thought of as an ongoing process, especially when starting almost from scratch. Young trees and shrubs need time to grow. Bulbs won’t bloom for months. Some bushes won’t have flowers for several years. Property owners are likely to discover that some of their ideas aren’t as appealing as they had originally thought. They may want to consult with the designer a year or two after the original plan was put in place, at which time modifications can be made.

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