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by | Jun 25, 2021 | Dentist


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Cavities are one of the biggest causes of tooth damage. When cavities begin, they start off producing little symptoms. As they progress, they can begin to cause major damage to your teeth. This is why it is imperative you see the Family Dentist in Cary Il on a regular basis. This will allow small cavities to be found before they cause major oral health concerns. This information will assist you in knowing what symptoms to expect from a cavity, as well as how the dentist will treat them.

What are the Most Common Symptoms Cavities Cause?

Increased sensitivity

Discomfort when eating hold or cold foods or sugary snacks

Ongoing pain that cannot be relieved

White marks on the teeth

Pitting and discoloration on the teeth

If you notice any of these symptoms of a cavity, it is imperative you see the Family Dentists in Cary Il as soon as possible. The sooner you seek dental care, the better the chances of the dentist being able to repair your tooth and prevent loss.

When treating your cavity, the dentist will first remove all of the decayed areas. Removing this damaged tooth tissue helps to stop the progression of damage and makes your tooth more stable. As this tissue is removed, holes will be left behind that will need to be filled.

Fillings can be made from resin, porcelain and metal alloys. The filling mixture will be placed down into the holes left behind in your tooth. The dentist will then use a special light to quickly cure the filling, so it bonds well with your tooth. Once it has been hardened, the dentist will smooth the material and remove any excess, so your bite is not compromised. The dentist will also have you bite down on biter cards, to further help the filling to settle in your tooth.

If you feel you may be suffering with a cavity, you need to see the dentist right away. Schedule your appointment at Cary Dental Associates, LLC, so you can get started on having a healthier smile. Keeping a healthy smile will give you greater confidence than ever before.

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