An Array of Names for the Convenience Room Containing Toilet Partitions in South Jersey

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jun, 2017


When people are at a restaurant or another commercial establishment and need to relieve themselves, so to speak, they count on a certain amount of privacy. In some cases, that means a room with one toilet and a door that locks, or at least a partition separating the toilet area from the hand washing area. In other cases, multiple toilets are separated by Toilet Partitions in South Jersey.

While sitting with one or more other people, the individual who wants to get up and complete this task often says something discreet before leaving. This person isn’t likely to make a comment about urinating, for example, and probably won’t use the word toilet. There are numerous euphemisms for a room containing a sink and toilet, including “bathroom.” People have developed the habit of calling a room with multiple Toilet Partitions in South Jersey a bathroom, even when there is no bath or shower to be found. A more suitable name would be washroom, and some persons do use this word. They also might call it a restroom, even though they aren’t planning to do any resting there.

A woman might say she is off to powder her nose, even though that isn’t typically the main reason for the trip. The rooms have been sometimes been referred to as powder rooms since women do check their makeup there and can reapply it as needed. It’s unclear why the room hasn’t traditionally been called a lipstick room instead since lipstick typically needs to be touched up at least as often the facial powder does.

Less commonly, the room might be called a lavatory. This old-fashioned word has fallen out of favor, but it’s actually the most precise. The definition of a lavatory is a room with a wash basin and usually a toilet.

Interestingly, some thesauruses show more than 100 synonyms for a room with one or more toilets. However, when a business owner needs to have this type of room constructed or renovated, he or she can simply refer to the barriers between stalls as toilet partitions when calling a company like Steel Doors Inc. Find more information online about this contractor’s products and services.

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