What Are The Benefits Of Estate Style Garage Doors In Pittsburgh, PA?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jun, 2017


In Pennsylvania, homeowners review a variety of garage doors that fit their personal style. For larger properties, there are estate doors. These doors provide a unique addition to the property and provide a variety of benefits for owners. The following is an assessment of the benefits of Estate Style Garage Doors in Pittsburgh PA.

Aesthetically Pleasing Garage Doors

These garage doors provide more aesthetic appeal to residential properties. They provide a variety of colors and styles for homeowners. The wooden estate doors are grand and provide a boost of sophistication. They can increase the curb appeal of the property and meet homeowner’s association standards. They open like more traditional exterior doors and provide ample space for all automobiles.

Increasing the Value of the Property

The homeowner can also acquire an increase in property value by adding these doors. They don’t appear bulky like traditional garage doors. They add elegance to the property making it more appealing to potential buyers. Homeowners who are considering a move and want to sell their home could increase their profits with these beautiful installations. With the right installation, they could see an increase in property value by as much as 35%.

Environmentally Friendly Doors

The estate doors are constructed of renewable materials. If they are ever damaged, the homeowner can recycle them when they acquire a new installation. They will also receive better insulation with these installations. They block heat in the summer and prevent cold air from entering the garage in the summer. They are environmentally sound installations.

Superior Locking Mechanisms

The doors also provide better locking mechanisms. They work well with security systems and provide an added barrier to prevent home invasions and auto theft. They are available with electronic locking mechanisms as well.

In Pennsylvania, homeowners can review a variety of doors that improve their property. When reviewing garage doors, they can review options such as estate doors. They are extraordinary and present an extra touch of prestige for residential property owners. Homeowners who want to purchase Estate Style Garage Doors in Pittsburgh PA can contact Citywide Garage Door Co., Inc. for more information today.

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