An Asphalt Paving Company Can Make Changes When It’s Time for New Striping

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


An Asphalt Paving Company that also provides paint striping services is ideal when a retail business needs new blacktop on the parking lot. Usually the existing layout is kept, but this is a perfect time for the lot owners to make changes.

More Handicap Spaces

The business may want to add more spaces for disabled customers. They may need to do this to comply with the American Disabilities Act, or it may have become evident there simply are not enough spaces for all the customers who need them. Painting done by an Asphalt Paving Company resolves these problems.

Fire Codes

The owner may have learned that better compliance with municipal fire codes is necessary in the parking lot. Not only must there be a designated fire lane for emergency vehicles, there also must be obvious markings alerting everyone what this space is for.


If the drivers seem to move haphazardly around the lot and through the areas for entry and exit, painted arrows will provide them with some direction. Drivers typically follow these arrows even when the lot is relatively empty, which can help prevent accidents. Minimizing the tendency to cross a lot diagonally is important. Arrows also can be used to designate which paths drivers should travel when they exit the lot and which areas are intended as entryways.


If there have not been any crosswalks in the lot previously, store customers make up their own paths to the doors. Painted crosswalks don’t entirely eliminate this problem, but they do help encourage pedestrians to walk there. This is especially important during very busy times when cars almost continuously file past the building.

Changing Spaces

If the store owner or manager has been wishing the lot had angled lines instead of perpendicular parking, this is the time to have the work done by a company such as Colt Concrete & Asphalt. Angle parking is easier and faster for drivers since they don’t have to make a 90-degree turn. More spaces also can be added since they don’t have to be as large. However, perpendicular parking is generally considered more efficient, which explains its prevalence in store lots. See for contact information. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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