Fix the Rifts with Paving Contractors in Champaign, IL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2018


Older homes can be incredibly beautiful. They often have unique floor plans and out features that make them appealing to those with historical taste. When proper maintenance is applied, older homes can last through several generations of a family. There are some common issues, however, that seem to go along with homes that have been around a while. Foundation problems are inevitable once a home reaches a certain age. Even if you buy your home new, you may have issues during your lifetime. Many geographical areas are more prone to the settling of homes than others. Foundation problems can cause rifts in the floor that continue through entire rooms. A paving specialist can work on the problem by repairing the concrete slab.

Noticing a Problem

It is not difficult to tell when a foundation problem is out of control. You may notice lumpy places under your carpet. If you have tile flooring, you may see cracks and raising of the tile. In some homes the walls and doors show signs before the floor does. You need to keep an eye on your floors if you notice doors sticking and sheet rock cracking. Paving contractors in Champaign, IL can pull up your existing flooring and get control over the cracks in your foundation. It is a good idea to schedule an inspection at the first sign of trouble. Paving contractors can determine how extensive the damage is.

The Repair

Foundation repairs can be invasive. It is important that you are ready to clear out of the bottom floor of the home. Arrange to have the furniture out of the way. You may be able to move it to another room, upstairs, or out to your garage. Once the flooring is pulled up by paving contractors, additional foundation damage may be discovered, as well. Some may choose to leave the concrete only and have it stained. You may also choose to replace your tile or laminate. Your floor is much safer without uneven bumps form foundation issues. You may also be told to remove large trees from your yard, as the roots can also cause problems with the foundation. A1 Pavement Maintenance can restore the foundation problems on your concrete slab.

Paving specialists know what to do when your interior flooring begins to crack and rise. It can look like a fault line going through your living room, at times. You may have to replace a large amount of your flooring. Prepare for your repair by clearing the entire room so that the pavers have a clear workspace. Once your repair is done, the floor can remain smooth again for many years.

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