An Auto Accident Lawyer in Stafford VA can Get Clients What They Deserve

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


If a person is in an auto accident, they may wonder how to handle an injury or damage claim against the at-fault party. Here, readers will get some easy tips and strategies for settling car accident injury claims.

Starting Off

Even if another driver is to blame for an accident, the victim usually doesn’t deal with them directly when settling a claim for injury or damages. In most cases, injured parties work with the other person’s insurance company. Therefore, it’s important to gather information while still at the accident scene. That information should include:

* The other driver’s name and contact information
* Their insurance information
* Names and contact info for witnesses
* Names and badge numbers of any responding officers

It’s good to take pictures of the scene as well. Include photos of vehicle locations, the damaged areas, and the license plates on every vehicle involved.

Pursuing a Successful Claim

The easiest way to successfully settle an insurance or personal injury claim is to understand that the insurer will need a substantial amount of information. It’s in their best interest to pay as little as possible in claims, and insurers will do that in one of two main ways. They often argue that the victim caused the accident, and is therefore only entitled to a partial payout. Some claim that the victim hasn’t offered enough proof to support their claim. It’s best to hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Stafford VA area who knows how to deal with insurance companies.

Collecting Damages

If a person only makes a property damage claim, an Auto Accident Lawyer may be able to gain compensation for damage to the vehicle, their personal property, and the cost to rent a car after the accident. Insurers typically extend settlement offers based on the information the claimant provides, and if the person doesn’t provide documentation of expenses, they won’t be compensated.

If An Injury Occurs

Some car accidents are more serious than others, and can cause lifelong effects. If a person is injured in a car crash, legal issues can become very complex. Victims are typically eligible for compensation for physical and mental pain, lost wages and medical expenses. Even if a person feels comfortable negotiating with the insurance company, it’s advisable to seek help from an Auto Accident Lawyer in Stafford VA.

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