Understanding the Shredding Process When Destroying Old Business Documents

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Often, to save space as well as to make sure that personal and business information is protected, businesses will shred old and out-of-date business documentation. In some cases, businesses are legally required to destroy documents in a certain manner, regardless of their age, if they contain client and business information. However, many small businesses may be new to the Shredding Process. They may have questions as to how secure their documentation before, during, and after the shredding.

The first thing to understand is that businesses will typically have two options for commercial shredding. The first option is to have the documents sent to a centralized location. In this case, shredding companies will provide specialized receptacles for documents that have been slated for destruction. These documents will then be picked up by the company, delivered to a centralized destruction facility and from there, the shredding and destruction of the documents will take place. Once it is done, the shredding company will issue a certificate of destruction, which also includes a guarantee that any information on the documents cannot be recovered and that the documents weren’t made public prior to their destruction.

The other option is the mobile Shredding Process. This is where a shredding company will send a truck that contains portable shredding equipment to a business. In this process, documents that have been slated to be shredded will be delivered to the mobile shredding truck by a business employee. The shredding technician will then take the materials, destroy them and issue a certificate of destruction. In addition, most companies will allow the employee to oversee the destruction of the documents to further ensure that the information on the documents are unrecoverable and weren’t compromised in any way.

With the many liabilities and headaches that come from information being stolen from old business documents, it’s important to ensure that they are secure during the shredding process and that any information is unrecoverable after the document has been shredded. That is precisely the type of assurances and services that are offered at 1shred.com.

Whether your company is looking to free up extra space dedicated to document storage, or you’re simply looking to secure client and business information, these services can help. With centralized shredding locations or mobile shredding services, you can rest assured your business information is as secure as you can make it.

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